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its not actually here though, is it? Its not available for download on the sub site yet.


For some reason its not available for download on our sub site, Vault 2012 is, and I'm told via the discussion boards other people have got it from their Sub site. We got left out last year as well. It took 2 weeks for it to appear.


Maybe it's just me, but isn't the conversational format a bit naive? Handshake in the end... almost like TV shop.

Contents is nice but guys - get real and address the audience directly. No need to behave like you were actually asking for the info for yourself.

I think this is a US/EU cultural thing. To me this seems funny and fake, in a way. Your recent 2012 webcast rocked, on the other hand!


which webcast is that fella? i agree this one is funny and fake. Almost insulting in a way! They are missing the fact the majority of the clients and users have brains. lol.

I'm more peeved this blog says Inventor 2012 is here, when its not. It will be here in mid april. It looks like the people who have it are ADN members and resellers.

No offense Garin, i have gained a lot from your blog in the past, however this one is missing the point. Or the title is at least.


Go figure my Inventor Pro subscription expires March 31. I specified with the vendor that they send me a hard copy of Inventor because half the time it sit on the shelf till my customers upgrade. The big problem is Inventor isn’t down gradable to a lesser format.. Last month I finally install the 2011 I paid for last year. Do you think maybe they will send me a hard copy of the upgrade because of it being so close to my expire date, I’m laying odds not.

Maria Manuela

Hi Garin.... Please try not post youtube videos, many people as i do unfortunately not have access to this type of channels in work. Thanks ;)


maria, you could watch them in your own time...

garin used to have links to download his videos as well. Thats how i watched them at work when youtube was blocked there. I eventually talked them into unblocking youtube. Its just too good of a resource to block.

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