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Mark Flayler

I use Dropbox almost every day for documents and PDF viewing. Its also the quickest way to get my Sketchbook designs without having to sync my iPod.

Scott Moyse

How about the 'many of us' who have Android phones?


What is this Android you speak of? Actually Android has done really well lately and something for us to look at.


What is an iPhone? Oh, you mean that proprietary, locked-down, crippled semi-smart phone?
Android, Android, Android!!!!


If you have a favorite Android app put it here as well. I don't have an Android and don't know whats out there but I bet some of you have greats apps you can share with the rest of us.


I use ACAD WS and Inventor Publisher on my iPad.
However, I wonder will Autodesk release a MAC version of Inventor? Or any 3D packages for MAC?

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