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Robert Szykowski

useful, thanks!

Robert Szykowski

Sorry, didn't finish there.. To continue, I recently had (10) different bracket views (one isometric view of each) created in one -idw drawing. I wanted to insert a text description under each of them, description from the model parameters. The text editor tool would only insert the description of the first part which view was created in this -idw. It did not help that I selected the right part from the pull-down list, in the text editor. Hope I did't make it sound too confusing.. Thanks for the blogs, they are helpful.

Brian Hall

Garin, here's another way that I use to attach a textual note to a detail:
1) Create a Leader Text that is attached to the detail.
2) Write the annotation needed and exit out of the text editor
3) Right click on the Leader that was just created and select Delete Leader.

Now you have a floating text annotation that is attached to the detail in question. You can always go back and Add Vertex / Leader if need be. The only downfall is that the text area does not size itself to a predefined area. You have to create your own lines independent of each other (just like in a normal Leader Text scenario).

John Davis

Nice job, G-dub...
Hey Robert Szykowski,
You might be able to use the View Identifier label (at the bottom of the Base creating/editing control) to do something for each view. They also seem to retain their placement relative to the view.
I always get a chuckle when I see an entry that closes with Cheers... my brain always processes this as Bottom's Up... not such a bad way to end a note, after all.

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