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Scott Moyse

The only downfall (in some situations) with this is that reference geometry isn't shown by default. You have to turn it on by RMB on the sketch and selecting it.

However, even more annoying, is that although the help files shows that turning on the reference geometry is accessible through the API, it doesn't work. Something that the dev team will hopefully fix for 2011, since i don't think it has been fixed for 2010 either.

Very handy tip though. I use it for cut files. Parts that are driven by a skeletal model can have a 2D CNC cut file attached to the face of it in the form of a sketch. This will then update automatically. There are all sorts of ins outs to get it to work properly, but i won't be revealing them here, plus it depends on your requirements from a cut file.

jean sanon

Im using autodesk inventor proffesional 2010 educational edition and it was working fine and now im not able to see my model history anymore that was on the left side of the screen it seems like something is turn off i dont know how to turn it back on any ideas anybody thanks, joseph

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