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Rob Cohee

Nice work Garrin! As always when you watch someone else model, you pick little things up. The tangent line on a circle was one I didn't know... Great tips for new users and old curmudgeonslike Jay.... [grin]

Vladimir Kasatkin

Thanks a lot, Garin! What I've found out just now is if you hold the left button down on a line during creating another one you'll get a perpendicular constrain. Check it out! That works great))

Joan Lipovetz

Thanks Garin! I didn't know you could project the geometry to a part without it being adaptive. Very helpful!

Dave Gorjup

Projecting geometry without the adaptivity is worth its weight in gold. THANK YOU!!

Michael Minniti

Thanks! I was going to submit projecting geometry without the adaptivity to Augi the wishlist!

John Davis

I found these very benficial! Some keyboard shortcuts I really like are those that quickly control the visiblity of Workplanes, Axes and Workpoints. Alt+] toggles currently visible User Created Workplanes visiblitly state. Alt+/ is for User Created Axes while Alt+. controls User Created Work Points. Additionally, if you substitute Ctrl for the Alt's liste above, you can toggle the visibility of the Origin planes, axes and point. Thanks again and We're all in this together! P.S. I forgot to mention that your current visibility over-rides are honored and not lost by using these shortcuts.

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