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Jamie Ditsworth

I am trying to find it to download but it isn't showing up.

Bjørn Erik Myhre

Nothing here either... :-(

Wayne Easton

I also couldn't find the above mentioned download...

David Gray

download please... not seeing it.

John Deberard

We are running the Inventor 2010 classic UI. With this do we have access to the IN-PRODUCT ACCESS TO SUBSCRIPTION BENEFITS?

Benoit Jolin

Loved the music. I'm affraid that when I download this thing that I'll still be waiting for inventor to add Architectural sheet sizes...............

Brendan O'Connor

Its been over a day since the file should have been in the subscription centre - any responce as to when it will be there?

Bjørn Erik Myhre

My guess is 22.oct

Tracy Ostby

It is finally there!!! ..... Thank you!

Garin Gardiner

Can you all try to download the Advantage Pack again? There were a few things we needed to change on our end that should enable this on our accounts. If you still don’t see it, it is likely that whoever manages subscription at your facility has locked down downloads from the subscription site. Please let me know if you were able to download.

Any yes Benoit, there are Architectural Sheet sizes :)

Jamie Ditsworth

I was able to get them downloaded now. Thank You.

Brian Hall

Ditto on succesful download!! :)

Lucas Quiroz

Garin, you know when it will be available for download in Spanish? Greetings

Wayne Easton

I still can't see the 2010 version for download. Could've sworn I saw it the other day. Has it been pulled off again?

Leonard Lee

I downloaded it but it won't install...says service pack 1 required. So where do I download that?

Derek Hansen

Is there any walk thru tutorials in help or pdf's with over views of this bonus pack upgrade. I'm installed, and up and running.

Bill Schmid

Architectural scaling is something we've been waiting for. Thank you!

However, it's currently only showing me two scales, 3 = 1' and 6 = 1'. We need more. I tried typing in 1-1/2 = 1' several different ways but none of them would work. We're going to need all the ones on a architect's scale for this to be truly useful.


Aaron Weissner

I am only getting two scales also. Whats the fix???

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