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Scott Moyse

This feature is great. Except it needs more functionality to be truly stunning. It needs the option for multiple conditioning, even if its only the addition of a 'then' condition. Also having conditional suppression in an assembly would be stunning. Of course using the current architecture of Inventor this would only work with grounded parts (i.e: using the insert fix method combined with skeletal models) due to the resulting need for constraints to be conditional as well or else they would fail. Investing that kind of time and the resulting complexity of all the constraints would be too much. But with skeletal modeling the positional information is driven from elsewhere so conditional suppression in the assembly becomes immensely powerful. Just imagine the possibilities of intelligent assemblies. I have already used this feature with some success in creating a single standard assembly that adapts to 5 or 6 different standard assemblies. The configurations are either driven by the dimensions of adjacent parts, or the part itself, or by using parameters in the skeletal model. I am hoping that iLogic will unlock more of this stuff for our assemblies. But from first glance it appears it needs just that extra little step.

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