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Benoit Jolin

The inventor 2010 FEA environment is very unstable and crashes or gives me errors daily (12X this monday) I hope that will be corrected as I am no longer enjoying the experience of this software. Furthermore, why is it that the 2009 fea package pointed out the meshing errors and the 2010 does not?

Ben Jolin
b j o l i n at d f i dot c a

Jeff Moss


Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues. I was too, until I purchased a new workstation (ok, it is really just an ASUS gaming tower, but it runs the software great so far).

I was experiencing issues similar to yours while attempting to use FEA in Inventor 2010 on a 5 year old Sony laptop. The new ASUS tower handles everything I've attempted great, up to 38 part assembly analysis so far.

Seems to point out meshing errors fine, while the laptop would not even mesh the multi-part assembly unless I pulled it through the derived part from assembly knothole.

The ASUS tower is sold through Best Buy currently. Here's a link to look it over (Better luck to you):

Jeff Moss

Jeff Moss


This is actually the best explanation of analysis contacts I've found.

What's the chance Autodesk would include definitions of analysis contacts as part of help?

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