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Benjamin Wade

nice tip. A visual is always better.

Brian Busse

At the risk (hope?) of starting a flame war, well, maybe only a glowing ember war....
All of the enhancements in 2009 and 2010 are nice and they improve work flows, but I think that they add surface gloss to a process that could use some significant enhancements under the hood.

My laundry list is long, but I'll only mention a general concept here.

The whole BOM/Parts List process is entirely part properties centric, without the ability to supplement or replace those properties in the BOM/Parts List with IAM, and occurrence in IAM, specific attributes. There is no ability to add information to the IAM that would simplify IDW Parts List customizations. I use the term attributes intentionally because the API provides for them. This extends to working in the IDW as well, balloons can have any part property I want in them, but I can't retrieve occurrence specific information and put it in a nice balloon like box. An assembly is a collection of occurrences, not just a BOM. If I want to put occurrence specific information on the IDW, leaders do work, but the appropriate time and place to record it is in the IAM, much like the value of a constraint.


Garin Gardiner

Brian - this is great feedback. We always like to hear things that we can improve.

alex tong

My question is simple. the main point of thumbnail is for what purpose??? For us as a user to view only? i believe this extra new features good for us also but when i tried to export to excel file... the thumbnail cant be show... it is no point only can show in INV 2010 not the export file...Because normally we need to export to excel and share with others to keep track/monitor TQ

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