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Eric Pearce

I have seen several items on 2010 and what I have seen looks really nice, but what I produce are drawing packages and I have seen very little of interest on the improvements made to the drawing package. Are there any presentations or is there any detailed information out there concerning the improvements to the drawing package in Inventor 2010?

Garin Gardiner

You can download the Inventor 2010 whats new to get the main new features in Inventor.

Valdemar Rostek

we have couple of software in use besides Inventor. Hypermill for programming CNC, Unigraphic NX6 for mould building and Magic for laser centering.
Usually I did draw something in Inventor and would send the file in exchange format to be used for other software. With Unigraphic best would be Pro/Engineer format and Hypermill would work well with step files. When translated from Inventor 2009 this files could be used without any repairs.
With new Inventor 2010 it does not work well - translated files are very bad quality and require a lot of work.

ravi kumar

inventor 2010 should improve in drawings
will there be any improvemnts in next service pack

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