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John Davis

Thanks, Garin. IV's help just keeps getting better and better!
The Subscription Booth and your recent Virtual Event confirmed that, as Subscription members, we should have access the the Autodesk University site as an added bonus (membership has it's priveledges). Upon testing this with a user who was not able to attend this year, he's finding that his Subscription site username and password does not grant him access to the AU site. Can you comment on the process we should take for those who are Subscription site members but did not actually attend AU this year?

Garin Gardiner

What you do is login into sub center, then click on the promo box on the right hand side of the home page – this will take you to a landing page for Sub customers only and it will provide instructions.If you have an existing account you can log in from this landingpage ant it will create and association that gives you access to AU content or you can create a new account.

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