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Dennnis Vercauteren

wow, thanks garin , rob ...
very usefull

Brian Hall

Good joke on the start up Rob. I found it funny. Now the question is this: Where, oh where, did Brian Ekins store this wonderful toy?

He made it as easy as 1,2,3, so is it on an FTP? (Sorry, I've been reading a lot of Dr. Seuss books to my daughter lately)

Brian Hall

Garin Gardiner

I have posted the script per your request Brian.

Rob Cohee

Thanks for the kudos Brian, glad to entertain while informing. Also check out the other videos I've posted on I should have more up there soon. Any and all requests are welcome and encouraged.

Brian Corbin

Great workflow Garin,

What would be great for this exact workflow (we use it ALL the time) would be a Sheetmetal Thicken command. That would recognise sharp corners and apply the SM thickness and IS/OS radius where required etc.
Would be a real time saver....
Was thinking about a VBA app that might be able to do this for a selected set of surfaces, but is probably just a little beyond my hacking abilities right now :-)


Brian Hall

Thanks for the script Garin. I will definitely check out your videos Rob. :) I will admit, though, I really think that Garin's podcasts intro and exit videos are as cool as Rob is humorous. :) Who made that video anyway? The Maya division of Autodesk?

Quinn Zander

That is a cool macro to watch. Kent Keller's KwikInsertNFix has been doing this for many years and his KwikPlaneConstrain is another invaluable tool. There are also two tools in the Assembly Tools Panel (part of the SDK bonus install) that will flush up a component to its assembly origin and another that brings a component in and flushes to an existing component.

Scott Moyse

I'm surprised you guys haven't picked up on the KwikInsertNFix. I believe its been a big part of Inventor for years now. Also there is a great iProperty add in that uses but greatly improves upon the native autodesk version It can be found on Sean dotsons site along with a few other gems.

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