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Brian Hall

I'd be interested to know which CAD program was used to design it. :)

Scott Moyse

I 2nd that brian. I bet garin could find out! Also Garin is this supported in 2010 yet? i see on the 3DConnexion website that i doesn't list 2010 yet, but you mention you have been using it for about a month now so i'm guessing you are using it with 2010? Don't suppose its supported internally by Inventor now like it is with some other 3D apps?

Falk Massmann

Hey Scott,

Inventor 2010 and AutoCAD Mechanical 2010 are both supported with the SpacePilot PRO, think it´s the new driver package on their download section that adds 2010 product support.


Scott Moyse

cheers, for that. i got my device b4 you replied and noticed it was all sorted. More importantly does anyone know how to get the vie to rotate about the center of the camera? That way i could navigate down a pipe for example. one of the main reasons why i bought my navigator but it seems like it uses the inventor default navigation settings. I know that for 3ds max you can change the settings so the view rotates aroudn the camera.

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