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Brian Hall

Handy Tip Garin. Glad Autodesk added that. The next thing I would ask for in the navigation tools would be the ability to easily (easily being the operative word) re-center the center of rotation while using a 3D motion controller. I know that I could select the orbit tool off the navigation tool bar, but then I have to deselect it in order to select geometry.

Scott Moyse

Yes i 2nd both of oyur comments brian. I had no idea about this tirck. what i dont understand if why the view rotation doesn't default to center. the only time you wouldn't want it to be is for fly bys or walkthroughs and thats a seperate command.

Yudhistira Hasanudin

before 2010, you can use function key F4. press and hold the F4 + left mouse button to rotate/orbit the model.

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