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Stephen Robbins

That's a great tip Garin! ...I wish I'd known about that trick many years ago. The Split sketch tool became my friend a few releases back...but this one will allow the same results without breaking loops!

Sunith Babu

This is a great tip, I'm planning to share this tip to my friends, but I feel this can be modified as a wish list in the next release of Inventor 2011.

Dan Kowalski

Sometimes I project the axes (axeses, axii?) and try to use that corner in my profile. I almost never remember to put the point in first.
Also, I like to take the extra click and make them sketch points instead of hole centers (it really only makes a difference if you have OCD).
Sometimes I find that it won't grab the intersection on its own (note the intersection icon in the example above), so I will place the point on one of the curves and then use a coincident constraint to the other.

Dominique Rudaz


This feature exists since version 3.. :)



mark rushton

Wow, thats shocking. In SolidWorks we dont even need to put the sketch points in. Its just called selected contours. Mind you, we have only had that for, hmmm, let me see, AS LONG AS I CAN REMEMBER! Ive got a tip for you Garin. Use SolidWorks!

David Gaskill

Awesome tip, thanks so simple but yet so powerful. Thanks


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