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I have used the Save As image feature quite often. I find it especially handy to quickly take some snapshots and send them to clients to clarify some area of the model. Saving the images in PDF format makes the files universal and makes annotations easy to add with Acrobat. The client can mark-up the image in Acrobat to return to me. Also, a quick series of images make producing a fly-thru presentation a breeze in PowerPoint.

Keith Turner

I can never remember how wide is a pixel?! but 500 would seem to be a pretty 'blocky' image but maybe I am coming from a digital camera image in Mpixels. I assume if you wanted a more 'photographic' picture you would need a much higher pixel count.

David Drury

This is a good tip answered a question for me. As an AutoCAD user as well, to produce a pdf I would go to the plot command. Not so in inventor, now I know why it doesn’t appear in the list of plotters. Thanks I will now use this one a lot.

Hall Stevenson

500 was just an example.

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