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Warren Wetzel

I signed for RSS Fee to this blog and instead of getting just the latest info from the blog I keep getting everthing (repeatedly) from the begining of when you started the blog. Is there a way to change this so I am not gett thousands of e-mails from this blog?

Alex Hatziemmanuel

Great podcast Garin, thanks and keep them coming. I try to get all my customers to watch all of these, so I just want to let you know they are appreciated...

Chris Huminski

very good podcast, thanks ...

Garin Gardiner

Warren - thanks for the feedback on the RSS feed. I have passed this along to our web team and hope they can do something for us.

Juan Carlos Velez

Veri Good podcast Garin.
Is possible to you share the files to I made the practice and see how you create a irregular holes in plates?

Brian Hall

Ok, this is the second time I watched this podcast, so I have to leave some positive feedback. Good podcast Garin, it really got the CAD geek juices flowing and gave me some ideas to try on my workflows. Keep 'em coming!

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