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Brian Hall

Garin, when you had trouble turning the line in the 3D sketch to a construction line, it was because you were in the 2D sketch environment. Good video though. I don't use 3D sketching that often and I wasn't aware of the capabilities of the 3D intersection curve. I hope to see improvements of the 3D sketch environment in future releases. More geometric constraining available would be great!!

Brian Hall

Seth Moffit

Gairn, thanks for showing off 2010 in wodinville, wa. I remember you mentioned getting ideas for future podcast. There was a question about constraining parts to holes in bent sheet metal parts, I belive the application was designing a convayor with two sheet metal sides and rollers between going from high to low around a corner. Can you demonstrat a best pactrice scheme for constraining objects (srews/rollers/ball bearings) to holes in a curved sheet metal part? Thanks...

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