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Anderson Mattos


Thanks for the tip. I have a question. Is this feature associative with the file? I mean if the information on Excel or Word document is updated, this changes will be reflecte on the model as well?

Thanks and Happy Holidays!!!

Anderson V. Mattos

Filipe Garcia

Good tip butt when i put images the back of them turns black, if white or if it's a gif with no back, inventor turns the back of the imagem black... any suggestion, Thanks

Garin Gardiner

It is a static image that isnt linked to the file if the XLS get changes - that would be cool.

As for Flipe's question - you might make sure that the OS is defaulting the image type such as BMP or JPG to use the MS Paint program and see if that helps.

Paul Charles

Hello, I can’t understand how to add your blog in my rss reader. Thank you.

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