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Theo Bot

Dear Kevin,

The open drawing from directly from part of assembly doesn't work when you use other file name for your drawing than you did for your part of assembly.

Is it correct??

Marcello Roberto Pagnottella

When will it come out in other languages other than english? I need it in italian. Thanks

Rob Froeling

I downloaded the Bonus Tools, but when I tried to install them, Inventor refused installation because I already installed the UI Preview.... So I have to uninstall the UI Preview, then install the Bonus Tools, but I wonder if that still will work when I install the UI Preview again... Wold be nice to work with both new gadgets

Garin Gardiner

We will be releasing this in German, Japanese, French, Korean and Italian and hope to have it available in each language by the end of the month.

Nathan Costelloe

The open drawing command doesn't work. Just opens the open file window.

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