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Kevin Sheehan

I use it often, we have lots of design changes so I like to keep notes on the progress.

Richard Porqueddu

Sorry, I have never used it....

Randy Van Nostrand

Finally I see stuff that I can use!

Marcelo Barbosa

Please, Garin. If you can, post something talking about Bend Table.
Tanhk you.

John Retzlaff

Use it to track model changes and their Engineering Change numbers.

Josh Hunt

I will work on a design but then I may not come back to it for months. Notes help me remember where I was in the design process.

Ryan Rawlins

we have to shift workload from one engineer to others, so we're starting to use the notes to convey design intent that may be difficult to understand.

Thomas Tremblay

I just had a university looking for a way for students to document thier process for building a model. The Engineer's Notebook with the ability to freeze and image is perfect. Thanks for showing off this Golden Oldie.

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