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Marcelo Barbosa

Hi, Garin

Thank you for all the posts, they are very useful. I work on a Autodeks Resller, and I´d like to know if it´s possible for you send us the assembly (.iam) used in the Plastic Features Technology Preview post.
Thank you again.
Best Regards

Marcelo (

Garin Gardiner

I wish I could supply the files to you although the images you see were created in very early software and cant be opened by the current software.

Warren Wetzel

I just watched podcast 27 and found it very informative. I have a part that I have to make that starts as a 3 OD tube and gets flattened at one end and after watching this tutorial I sweep is what I need to use but I am not sure the best way to use the profile I have created in ACAD of the end of the part. Any suggestions?

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