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Sunith Babu


Users can download an exhaustive article on
Transforming 2D Drawing to 3D CAD Data at Library AUGI World India Edition AUGI WORLD INDIA EDITION (JAN - FEB) 2008 Page 14 - 17

Sunith Babu. L

Michael Goldberg

This is a great tool for converting legacy data from AutoCad but not very practical in the real world where, on a daily basis, we are downloading pdfs or straight 2d output files from who knows what and that are all cluttered up with duplicate lines and draft angles that cannot be seen. Help us get this dirty manually handled data into the system; that is what is so time consuming. What we need is a time saving tool to help clean up the junk not a tool to do what we can do in a matter of seconds without its aide.

George Roberts

Right on Mr. Goldberg. If the input is junk that's all you can expect from the output. No great revelation there. What we, and Autodesk need to do is let go of the legacy data and recreate it in a clean 3D file. Otherwise the legacy of bad data will continue. Keep perfecting those 3d tools. Let the 2D data go!


I am a AutoCAD 2D user would like to learn 3D modeling. Please help me 2D to 3D tool new tips tricks.



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