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Kevin Sheehan

Great tip, I wlll be using this method tomorrow at work. Your fantastic tips have helped reduce I workload. Thank you

Warren Sweet

I tried it out and it works great. Thanks for the tip. Keep the tips coming, they are very informative and helpful.


Thanks for the great tips! They save a lot of time.

Gerard Vernice

Really great tip.
I have always found difficulty in achieving this particular shape. Thanks a bunch.

Gerard Vernice

As I said before it's a great tip; However I found a difficulty in dimensioning this curvature when brought in the idw. Any suggestions?

Garin Gardiner

Adding dimensions to a curve in the drawing environment is a little tricky. I would imagine you would like to add dims along a curve at a specific interval (like every 6 inches). If so you can place work planes at the interval you want (6 inches) and create work points at the intersections of the edge and work plane. These can be recovered in the drawing environment and you can add dimensions to the points. I realize this is a little bit of a pain and we are looking into a better way although for now you can probably get what you need.

fabrizio bertella

Hy Garin,
I've tried to use this tip to make a plastic cover, but i start with a elliptical shape as base for my scketch.
No way to get any other option for edge condition : only free condition is available..
Any advice?
Thanks a lot

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