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Marcelo Barbosa

It´s really a good example to show some new funcionalities and a good example to explain Frame Generator.


Robin Herrick

could be interesting ... shame the download file link has a typo!

Robin Herrick

Great to see custom profiles. I hope the 2009 frame generator is faster and more stable than in 2008! It doesn't look like the rotate angle feature has been enhanced. In 2008 if you want to align (rotate) a frame element to another (take ANSI 1-1_2x1-1_2x 1_8 00000126:1 of the camper frame weldment as an example) then you have to create an assembly level sketch, dimension the angle (8.38°) and manually enter the dimension name (no parameter option in the right click menu). Then if you get the angle direction wrong you have to close the dialog box and re-open it. Boring! Why can't I just click on a face or plane to align to?
In the same sample model, tried to trim a roof frame member to a wall member (to member, not to face as in the original). Causes Inventor to crash every time.
Makes me wonder how much testing goes into these features, especially as the first time I used Frame Generator to work through the example no. 5 in the Inventor mag (create or something) the two front angled members aligned themselves to different faces so the frame wasn't symmetrical.

Garin Gardiner

Sorry about the broken link - I think it was working earlier but perhaps not. It is now fixed.

Robin Herrick

no comment on the other issues?

Garin Gardiner


We continue to enhance the Frame Generator tool and I will pass on your items as a wish list for future enhancements. As for the crash – I apologize for the issues you are having.
I have used frame generator a fair amount and have not seen this issue. Are you sending in the crash data so we can figure out what is going on? You might also work with your local reseller to get the data and get it into our support group to see what is going on here.

Xiaoyong Shen

Hi, Kimberley,
For the "align to" function I will forward your message to our product designer for consideration.
For the "update end treatment in weldment cause crash" issue, it is fixed in our internal build now. but currently you have to workaround it by remove the existing end treatment first, and then add the new end treatment(the crash is caused by "delete existing end treatment" during add new end treatment) or you can delete the related weld beads before update end treatment. sorry for the inconvenient.

Bonn Rhee

I cant seem to download this episode...and it doesnt seem to be updated in iTunes.

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