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Duncan Anderson

Come on Garin, you're taking the pi$$ aren't you? Some of us have been asking for animations to be included on the installation DVD - they don't need to be installed, just available - or on Adsk's web site for loads of reasons. For example, a task that you don't do very often, it is useful to have an 'aid memoir'. When somebody asks for help on the public N/G - a picture tells a thousand words, an animation tells a thousand pictures. And finally, when we are trying to persuade our bosses that subscription licencing, training, Vault/PS etc are the ways forward, it becomes very helpful to have some animations for demonstrations. Why do you think so many bosses buy into Inventor and 3D, it is because they like seeing 3D models fly around on the monitor, it looks good. And now a marketing guy tells us to go to YouTube ... it takes the biscuit ... it really does.

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