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Tom Gable

Hey Garin,

I am not sure if this is the right forum for my question but you mention Podcast and Inventor in the same sentence, so I thought I would try! I am in the early stages of starting up a small engineering and manufactuing firm and am looking at standardizing on MAC Book Pros for my small company, but one of my requirements is that they have to be able to run Inventor effectively with up to a 1000+ part assemblies. There is a lot of chatter in other forums about different levels of success and failure using Inventor on Macs using BootCamp and Parallels. Can you tell me with any certainty if this will work? Or can you direct me to a reputable source for this information?

Before I start making a large investment in new hardware I would like to have a reasonable degree of certainly that it will work!

Thanks for you help!


Garin Gardiner


This is a great question. I know of a few people that have used MAC Book pros and been successful but they weren’t really pushing the hardware. At this point it is a still a little early to know how they will handle large assemblies. Due to the podcasting and video editing I am thinking of trying one out at some point but I don’t have any good advice for you right now. Anybody else?


Thaddieus Fransman

Hello Garin,
I have been working succesfully with I part, and i -assemblies for some time, but when I sign them in to vault , and try to place them I get errors saying the file name and path do not match the original, and all my constraints wil likely fail. The message shows the same file name as the from ( original ) and the resolved. They are exactly the same, so i cannot understand what the issue is. Also I need a workflow to rename the member names, our entire B.O.M.. system went to a catagorized part # system and they all need to change, I am not sure this is impossible, but it may require coping the designs, which will be alot of work. Also I am not sure how to upload screen shots of the various errors i get. Usually after an error or two I eventually get to see the version of the I assembly I am after. Also, I have standard . ipt's inside the I-assembly which tell me they cannot be renamed dut to issues with migration, but I cannot seem to figure out a good way to migrate the I assembly, and all of it's children. IV 2009 Vault 2009

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