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Stefaan Boel

How did you do the editing? I mena getting the different rendering styles mixed?

Garin (Autodesk) Gardiner

That is the tricky part, rendered several realistic shots and used Photoshop to crop them to overlay on the illustrated rendering. I then used a video editor to blend the various cropped images over the illustrated rendering to give me this effect. It took some time but turned out nice.

Sanne Buurma

Have to say, you really made some nice work out of it ! I guess it took you some time, but it really shows the capabilities of the tool.

Maybe a tip for advanced video editors, you can also use a Chroma Key Color (Green or Blue), then you can easily integrate it in existing movies, with moving backgrouds etc.

Stefaan Boel

I thought so, for sure it turned out very nice! Looking forward already to Inventor 2009 to see if Inventor Studio has advanced even more!

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