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Carmen Sammauro

Is there any more down loads like this one? I think this is the best down load I have ever used.

Michael Goldberg

This is a very useful spread sheet but only addresses the most basic symmetrical rectangular to round transition and is easy to adjust the parameters to get this basic shape in any size. However, I need to do a similar rectangular to round transition but the round needs to be tangent on two adjacent sides (i.e. nestled into one corner) any ideas?

Hans De Koning

Answer to Michael Goldberg:
I modified the above example and now it's possible to give the offset dimensions. You can make the round tangent to the rectangle or go even beyond that. I also made the rectangles's cornerradius dependent from the sheet metal thickness so you get sharper corner with thin sheet metal and the part won't crash if you use thick sheet metal (like 30mm). Of course must the dimensions be somewhat in proportion to each other. A very small height with large offsets won't work (and you cannot make a sheetmetal like that for real, so don't bother).
Where can I send the part? Or post it somewhere?
Oh, BTW I made it in AI2009 and I could not open it in AI2008. It is in mm units and the text is in Dutch but I kept the above layout so I think you can work things out.

Jonathan Teng

hi Garin Gardiner,

could you please tell me whether they have create the model in Inventor or in AutoCAD?

Solid3dTech has tools to unfold such geometric shapes into flat pattern.

I have thought about creating such tools to let user give basic parameters for standard shapes. I just don't know whethr anyone needs this. Looks like it is useful. thanks.

Michael Lauric

Mr. Hans de Koning,
I am interested in your modified transition is there any way you could E-mail it? I would appreciate it a lot!
My E-mail address:
Thank you,

Valentin Lishkov

Module Involute Gears, Plane curved lines

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